20 Kills Selana Almost got Savage!! - Top 1 Global Selena by S l o w - Mobile Legends

3 171
Hero Power: 3193
Current Rank: Mytich 557
Full Build in The Video/Game:
1. Demon Shoes
2. Star Shard
3. Calamity Reaper
4. Berserker's Fury
5. Holy Crystal
6. Lightning Truncheon
Selena Skill Explanation:
Abyssal Trap ( 1st Skill )
Selena summons an Abyssal Devil to lurk in a designated location. The Abyssal Devil smothers a nearby enemy with its body. Within several seconds, the enemy’s movement speed is reduced. After some time, this skill deals damage to the target and other nearby enemies, slows enemies for several seconds. Selena can summon up to 3 Abyssal Devils. Damage will decay when a target takes damage from multiple devils at the same time.
Soul Eater ( 1st Skill - Demon Mode )
Selena uses the power of the abyss to enhance her claws causing the next basic attack to deal extra magical damage and granting herself a shield that absorbs damage.

Garrote ( 2nd Skill - Demon Mode )
Selena dashes through a specified direction, damaging the enemies along the way. If the targeted enemy has an abyssal mark, the cooldown of this skill will reset immediately.
Abyssal Arrow ( 2nd Skill )
Selina channels the power of the Abyss into magic arrows, firing them in a specified direction. Enemies hit are stunned for several seconds and take damage. Stun duration and damage increase the further the arrows fly. The arrow absorbs Abyssal Traps as it travels to the target
Blessing of the Moon God ( Ultimate - Demon mode )
Selena will revert back to her elven self, increasing her movement speed for a while and restoring her skills as an elven.
Primal Darkness ( Ultimate )
Selena melds with the Abyss, entering Abyssal Form and gaining movement speed for a short time. She also gains access to new skills while in Abyssal Form and her basic attacks deal additional damage
Symbiosis ( Passive )
Selena uses the power bestowed upon her by the Moon God and the Abyss to switch freely between her two forms. When using skills in her Elven form, Selena attaches one Abyssal Mark to her enemies (when Abyssal Trap hits an enemy, it immediately adds an Abyssal Mark). Up to 2 Abyssal Marks can be added to an enemy. Skills used in Abyssal form will consume 1 of these marks to deal bonus damage.
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Glaiza Marie Bancolita
Glaiza Marie Bancolita - Gün əvvəl
Jaxon David
Jaxon David - 2 gün əvvəl
Hi I'm new subcriber
MORGAN - 2 gün əvvəl
She's dumb😑she not get savage she used her 2 skill not to thamuz to crips
Shadow Knight
Shadow Knight - 5 gün əvvəl
That's similar to mine too! Plss rate my Gameplay..
Alyboy Danh
Alyboy Danh - 5 gün əvvəl
Nice Selena one shot one kill..Prefect 👍👍
TJ Balrog
TJ Balrog - 6 gün əvvəl
pff, trash.... selena #1 LianTV
Xventure Studios
Xventure Studios - 10 gün əvvəl
When video just about to start
No one:

• irene •
• irene • - 14 gün əvvəl
9:59 synchronized emote lmao
Ley Δ
Ley Δ - 14 gün əvvəl
Kaja messing up with Selena while taking her blue buff
Selena: "I only have time for handsome guys"
Then, "First Blood" (Kaja died)
Selena: "Fools eventually die from stupidity."
Well Played!
Andrea Nolasco
Andrea Nolasco - 14 gün əvvəl
Рикардо Милос
Рикардо Милос - 15 gün əvvəl
Я просто поняла, что я играю не хуже, а в некоторых моментах даже лучше, ну конкретно на селене, но я на эпике это все объясняет, но тем не менее это мой первый аккаунт, то есть я выше леги ещё и не играла
Рикардо Милос
Рикардо Милос - 14 gün əvvəl
@TEARS да, я это сама сказала, ну типо это мой 1 акк и я очень долго по началу на Гранде сидела, но когда научилась лучше играть то поднялась до 1 эпика за неделю, теперь скучно немного стало играть, я уже неделю наверно не заходила, но все же до мифа попробую подняться, я именно про селену говорю, ну только на ней я так хорошо играю, на остальных могу отыграть, но не так хорошо
TEARS - 15 gün əvvəl
Играешь лучше, но тем не менее ты ноунейм на эпике, странно)
Christian Jenkei Arandia
Christian Jenkei Arandia - 15 gün əvvəl
kinabahan pa di tuloy na savage
AMEY KANDARKAR - 18 gün əvvəl
Can someone explain me how Selena all skill is open even being at lv 1??
Utkarsh Singha
Utkarsh Singha - 18 gün əvvəl
To slow ur
Mhar Kelvin Respicio
Mhar Kelvin Respicio - 21 gün əvvəl
Pls visit my youtube channel too guys i need your support.https://youtu.be/sdKcguLL5Xw
Erwilyn Garcia
Erwilyn Garcia - 21 gün əvvəl
Erwilyn Garcia
Erwilyn Garcia - 22 gün əvvəl
We have same build XD
Rose Marrie
Rose Marrie - 24 gün əvvəl
dude i don’t know why but sonetimes i’ve wondered is this players ever sleep? Hahah those 1k matches in every hero is killing me lol
LMing Gaming
LMing Gaming - 27 gün əvvəl
Selena pros would be mad at me if I played selena 😂
Rohit Halwai
Rohit Halwai - Ay əvvəl
A beginner here trying to make sense of what is happening but failing miserably
1. How was she able to kill top order jungle monster with only 2-3 blows in the beginning of the video.
2. How did she kill the opponent Hero in 2-3 blows in the beginning.
3. How is she moving so fast so early in the game.
5. Why does her button layout looks different than mine. I recently installed this game.
6. How is her attack buttons changing. Does she have two forms?
Rohit Halwai
Rohit Halwai - Ay əvvəl
@michi uwu Thank you
michi uwu
michi uwu - Ay əvvəl
1. Her skills helped her farm and she has a jungle item and retri 2. Using her default 2nd skill, u stun the enemy for 2s and then changes to her 2nd form and with the mark from default 2nd skill, deals more damage in 2nd form 3. You get sped up when u switch forms and when u hit an enemy with stun u get speed boost 5. I think its a livestream 6. Yes, she does.
Mian Mohsin
Mian Mohsin - Ay əvvəl
I m gonna buying selena after watching this
Unmood People
Unmood People - Ay əvvəl
dun gimme selena
Sylvester Lim
Sylvester Lim - Ay əvvəl
12:10 she fked up her savage
Agung 1122
Agung 1122 - Ay əvvəl
Cek my selena😁
Johnrey Dandasan
Johnrey Dandasan - Ay əvvəl
Joshua Olegario
Joshua Olegario - Ay əvvəl
12:04 WHY ???
Wandi Wn
Wandi Wn - Ay əvvəl
Map hack?
wendy's forehead can choke me sUpEr FLUFFY
Nope.."Map Awareness"
Raylon Allen
Raylon Allen - Ay əvvəl
I hate bruno he does wayyyyy to much damage
daddy tips 101
daddy tips 101 - Ay əvvəl
8:16 pano nag ka double dash yun?
The Meg
The Meg - 21 gün əvvəl
Kita mo ba yung mark sa taas ng turtle, pag may mark yun tas nag dash ka papunta dun sa tinamaan makakapag dash kapa ulit hanggat may mark yun pero hindi kana makakapag dash pag di ka nakapag dash sa may mark, basahin mo passive ni selena
Marquinho Pika
Marquinho Pika - Ay əvvəl
Ybig top 1 Brazil Selena, Very good kskskks
da slowmo
da slowmo - Ay əvvəl
Hope i can understand this selena gameplay
Poker Face
Poker Face - Ay əvvəl
He has a map hack.
wendy's forehead can choke me sUpEr FLUFFY
Uhhhh funny....all Selena users have "Map Awareness"
Emmanuel Rodriguez
Emmanuel Rodriguez - Ay əvvəl
glad to have a custom game with his squad and mine. 😌
Ace - Ay əvvəl
This man said he's top 1 global.. thats ur street rank stupid
Gold Rain
Gold Rain - Ay əvvəl
By one sama lance gua wkwkwk
Porn Star
Porn Star - 2 ay əvvəl
That damage
Naufal Dhiya
Naufal Dhiya - 2 ay əvvəl
Best selena👍👍
Ohana Official
Ohana Official - 2 ay əvvəl
nice gameplay. but hey! were giving away free skins/diamonds for 1st 10 subsbribers. try it now! just hit the sub button below and comment ur id below. gudluck 😊
Jerwin Go
Jerwin Go - 2 ay əvvəl
Try me lods beginner pala ako SA selena
Gian Yuji Wangiwang
Gian Yuji Wangiwang - 2 ay əvvəl
He barely hits an arrow. He just gain kills from last hits
Eboog tone
Eboog tone - 2 ay əvvəl
Like komen saya. Saya kasih subscribe gratis😊
Analou Camachou
Analou Camachou - 2 ay əvvəl
that is local
Exit Life
Exit Life - 2 ay əvvəl
7:09 how did he see him?
Omnia Ibrahem
Omnia Ibrahem - 2 ay əvvəl
map awareness i did it alot with her
Alip Pila
Alip Pila - 2 ay əvvəl
Wiz Khalifa no prob
Exit Life
Exit Life - 2 ay əvvəl
Ty man i was overreacting sorry
mikky yokkim
mikky yokkim - 2 ay əvvəl
Well said
Alip Pila
Alip Pila - 2 ay əvvəl
Wiz Khalifa as a selena user it’s common for u to set up a trap in bushes, it was just simply a luck that the enemy was hiding there.
James DelosAngeles
James DelosAngeles - 2 ay əvvəl
it's not savage it's maniac when i watch full video
Ameerul Nor
Ameerul Nor - 2 ay əvvəl
ALMOST got savage . ALMOST . A.L.M.O.S.T
Ak Games0226
Ak Games0226 - 2 ay əvvəl
Robi izhar Official
Robi izhar Official - 2 ay əvvəl
https://youtu.be/mbJwYSism3w how to play selena
Yui Komori
Yui Komori - 2 ay əvvəl
12:08 that moment when you spam the skills and they target the minion :)) Rip savage. Honestly I wouldn't call someone who spams a "pro player" :v
Omnia Ibrahem
Omnia Ibrahem - 2 ay əvvəl
fack i really hate that always happend to me it's change the target to the minions and am be like :) wtfh :)
Evhy Evi
Evhy Evi - 2 ay əvvəl
"No one can escape me " I Say just get a flicker
Evhy Evi
Evhy Evi - 2 ay əvvəl
I am to top global selena NO 68
NHS_Gaming Gea
NHS_Gaming Gea - 2 ay əvvəl
Biasa aja gua top global babap pertama udh pada mati
Lighting Ali
Lighting Ali - 2 ay əvvəl
Ml trash
RoKe Gaming
RoKe Gaming - 2 ay əvvəl
12:07 😂😂😂 sayang
rahul s
rahul s - 2 ay əvvəl
The only assasin i cant play is selena.. I don't knw y.. Whenever I play her I get kills but the rating after match is too low.. I do play fanny and gus a lot but not at all gud with selena 😕 my squad says she is my troll hero 😑
PotaBoy XD
PotaBoy XD - 2 ay əvvəl
Visit my chanel i made montage selena with my own game:D
Jamel Almodiel
Jamel Almodiel - 2 ay əvvəl
mam 9lat
mam 9lat - 2 ay əvvəl
Wp map hack
GENOSPOT - 2 ay əvvəl
Too global thamuz https://youtu.be/YnZ5GPWAVFI
Helen Tan
Helen Tan - 2 ay əvvəl
cute coincidence wan and selena 9:58
mark mark
mark mark - 2 ay əvvəl
Am i the only selena user who uses flicker here?
Aina Batrisyia
Aina Batrisyia - 2 ay əvvəl
mark mark you are not aloneee
Pls buff me '
Pls buff me ' - 2 ay əvvəl
I've also had an amazing gameplay with the same score as her and with a more amazing maniac
Maino Brahma
Maino Brahma - 2 ay əvvəl
Thats why he is top to selena so damage to selena he khow how to play with selena we want ro play with you
Pls buff me '
Pls buff me ' - 2 ay əvvəl
Im not a global selena even thought i think i play better than him , pls check out my gameplay and tell me if it's good ...azmind.info/video/iby6a9V9m5yBp34.html
Maino Brahma
Maino Brahma - 2 ay əvvəl
Pls buff me '
Pls buff me ' - 2 ay əvvəl
Lol, what a coincidence, we got exactly the same score 20 3 5
Plus i also got a maniac xD
Our gameplays were very similar but mine one was a lot more satisfying... but idk how to show it to u all , is there any way i can send my gameplay to u AXE MOBILE LEGENDS?
Pls buff me '
Pls buff me ' - 2 ay əvvəl
@Exodius XD btw i posted my gameplay on my channel, watch it or i'll delete ur minecraft account😂
Pls buff me '
Pls buff me ' - 2 ay əvvəl
@Exodius XD when i was ur age...the young generation had more respect to ancient people...
Exodius XD
Exodius XD - 2 ay əvvəl
K boomer
Honestly. MLBB
Honestly. MLBB - 2 ay əvvəl
me: *nothing*

emo selena: do you think I should dye my hair blue?
Jayanta Kar
Jayanta Kar - 2 ay əvvəl
Bruno 😋
Hanz Flores
Hanz Flores - 2 ay əvvəl
0:48 i know right he is a fool that died from stupidity
who the fuck would invade other people's jungle without backup at the start of the damn game
John Khert Arenas
John Khert Arenas - 2 ay əvvəl
Kudos to her tanks.
John Khert Arenas
John Khert Arenas - 2 ay əvvəl
Kaja is noob.
carlos 16
carlos 16 - 2 ay əvvəl
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4QwU-7q5WVICx8qOsM6r1g M2 )pray regrso siganloo!!
AvArything Gaming
AvArything Gaming - 2 ay əvvəl
Messed up that savage
Jane frost
Jane frost - 2 ay əvvəl
he's the one who messed up
Alit Semara
Alit Semara - 2 ay əvvəl
10:07 More than 3k critical damage? Wow.. one shot jungle like aldous lol
Pls buff me '
Pls buff me ' - 2 ay əvvəl
If u liked that u will surely like my aggressive selena gameplay pls check it out azmind.info/video/iby6a9V9m5yBp34.html
Entendez Brent
Entendez Brent - 2 ay əvvəl
Alit Semara red buff
Extra Version
Extra Version - 2 ay əvvəl
33924455, RedhotChiliPeppers,Zodiac Gemini Shadow..
Plss Send or kahit anong skin ng selena po, Happy new year. 😊😊
Pengkong Present
Pengkong Present - 2 ay əvvəl
I want Perfect savage. Not " Almost got savage "
Tony Priambudi
Tony Priambudi - 2 ay əvvəl
12:10 stupid move
Jericho Reyes
Jericho Reyes - 2 ay əvvəl
And that's the mistake
Otvos Margareta
Otvos Margareta - 2 ay əvvəl
she didnt aim the dash she just pressed it , and by some reasons it went to the minions not the target...
Jericho Reyes
Jericho Reyes - 2 ay əvvəl
Wrong dash
MR. L - 2 ay əvvəl
Its kenjiro sevilla
Friend kosya sa fb
Julianne Santos
Julianne Santos - 3 ay əvvəl
ID: 447511381
IGN: uoɯolozxɹǝʇunɥ
SKIN: Furious Tiger
Me - 3 ay əvvəl
Good thing about Selena is that she got that 4 hr long stun🤣.
You have enough time to take a warm bath,make coffee,eat a sandwich, then comeback seeing you are still dead🤣🤣🤣
Muansang Tunglut
Muansang Tunglut - 2 ay əvvəl
Hehe stealer
Валенс Рутто
Валенс Рутто - 3 ay əvvəl
Art of @sumi_bum. You have permission???
Axe Mobile Legends
Axe Mobile Legends - 3 ay əvvəl
Yes i do... i already asked the artist before
Muhammad Muslim
Muhammad Muslim - 3 ay əvvəl
Rip Maniac Wanwan
Adrian Eusebiu
Adrian Eusebiu - 3 ay əvvəl
10:08 really??? One shot gg
Pls buff me '
Pls buff me ' - 2 ay əvvəl
Was that satisfying? Than u will surely like my amazing selena gameplay , check it out azmind.info/video/iby6a9V9m5yBp34.html
Davaajargal Davka
Davaajargal Davka - 3 ay əvvəl
fcking nub bitch this selena he dont know selena's immune and his team mates is good gosu hoon is the god of selena, like this if you are love hoon